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Concrete Repair Huntington Beach, Ca.

Seawind Cove, a Huntington Beach, Ca. H.O.A., needed some ivermectin (stromectol) where to buy concrete repair work done on their damaged concrete steps.  They contacted us and we provided them with a proposal.  They liked our price so we scheduled the job for Nov 25.

Mar’’ina Horka (Before Picture of one area)

Bernardo Concrete, Inc. arrived at 8:00am and cautioned off the area.  Once those areas were safely delineated, we proceeded to saw cut the damaged concrete.  Next, BCI broke the damaged concrete out by hand, due to limited access for our Bobcats.  BCI proceeded to remove tree roots that were the cause of the damaged concrete. The crew formed the new steps and landing, before the concrete truck arrived.  BCI workmen then had to  hand wheel barrow the concrete in because of the limited access at the job site.  Then, using hand tools, we finished the steps and landing to a nice broom finish.  Lastly, BCI’s crew cleaned up the job site and the job was complete by 3:00pm.  BCI offers many concrete construction related services and this daily blog tells of just some of the many many projects we complete throughout the Southern California area.

Project Value: $5,000

We at Bernardo Concrete pride ourselves on quality, safety and cleanliness. Feel free to contact us for your next where to buy ivermectin concrete repair project. Call us for a Free Quote.

Concrete Repair In Garden Grove, California.

Sunnyside Elementary School needed to install new playground equipment.  The process required 2 concrete slabs measuring 120’ x 37’ each.  Bernardo Concrete Repair Company arrived on time at 8 am and started pulling lines, setting grades, pounding steaks, and setting screed pins for proper elevations.  By 9 am Bernardo Concrete Inc. was pouring concrete, had started rodding, and floating the fresh concrete until they got a level surface.  Next, we started fresnoing the concrete with a trowel to achieve a fine finish.  Finally, the process is completed by applying a light broom finish with a horse hair broom.  This allows the concrete to have a clean, non-skid surface per the customer’s request.

  • Project Value: $25,000
  • Project Time Length: 2 days
  • Equipment Used: Cement Trucks x 5, Tool trucks x 2, Bobcat x1, Miscellaneous Hand Tool.

If you have a Concrete Repair project coming up feel free to call BCI with any questions you may have.

Concrete Repair in Southern California

Today, Bernardo Concrete, Inc. started a commercial concrete repair project that will go for the next few weeks. It’s a business center located in Rancho Cucamonga. Rancho Cucamonga is surrounded by the following cities, San Bernardino, Fontana, Ontario, and Glendora. The concrete repair was for a driveway. The entire process included the asphalt driveways being removed, hauled away and then replaced with 6 ” reinforced concrete. In the past, concrete was too expensive to consider in many commercial applications. However, today concrete is once again becoming a competitive choice. If you have a need for a concrete contractor in Southern California, please feel free to give Bernardo Concrete a call today.

Concrete Repair

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