There are many types of footings that can be poured and placed on a property. The purpose of a footing is to support loads of weight on areas of a structure evenly for the life of that structure. To explain a footing in the most basic possible way, we would say that they are described as a hole that is dug or excavated in the ground and then a wooden framed box is put in the hole. Rebar is then placed in the framed box and then concrete is poured into that frame to create a solid place for a weigh load to be distributed. A prime example of where a footing might be needed is a piece of lumber supporting an overhanging porch on home. If the support beam just came down into dirt and nothing else, in time the beam would likely start to sink in to the ground. A footing stops this from happening by firmly supporting that weight bearing beam. If you need footings poured, replaced or repaired we have years of experience with these types of applications.

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