Whether your garbage man has backed into and damaged your trash enclosure block wall and knocked the gates off or your office park needs to add an additional trash enclosure or dumpster area to its facility, BCI can get the project completed. Typically we can have repairs done in one day and new installations done in just 2 days. We handle all aspects of the project including metal gate fabrication, steel bollard installation to prevent future accidents as well as installing proper drainage so your new trash enclosure doesn’t back up with water. Our typical process for a new dumpster is to install an 8″ concrete trash truck slab in front of the dumpster area to support the weight from constant trash truck pick ups. We find by installing these pads we minimize future damage to the parking lot area around the trash bin.Call Bernardo Concrete for an evaluation of your property and/or an estimate today. buy Pregabalin in uk 888.499.0899