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Concrete Curb and Gutter Repair in Paramount In Paramount, California Bernardo Concrete repairs and reconstructs the curb and gutter on the side of the street to help Paramount become a safer environment. At Bernardo Concrete, we make sure to caution off the street so the traffic and cars won’t be in the way of our construction and we won’t be in the way of them.  While continuing to allow the traffic to flow, Bernardo Concrete employees broke out the existing concrete to properly lay down the new concrete repairs and form the curb.  Using stakes, spreaders, gonchos, and boards to help hold the concrete in place.

Concrete Repair Bolsa High School, California

On the track field, Bernardo Concrete pumps concrete onto a long jump track, due to limited access at a local high school in Garden Grove, California.  This concrete piece was about 150 feet long and 4 feet wide.  Bernardo Concrete set the forms up, whiling oiling the wood slabs, so the cement won’t stick to the forms.  After finishing the oiling, we must properly rod and float the cement.  Once this process is done, Bernardo Concrete repair must fresno the concrete in order to make it smooth. Then, we funnytrowl the concrete long jump slab to finish this job correctly.  While allowing the concrete long jump slab to properly harden, we complete the job by stripping the forms and cleaning up the project site.

If you have a Concrete Repair Service need in Southern California feel free to give us a call.

Misoprostol 20 mcg without prescription About Bernardo Concrete, Inc.

Bernardo Concrete has been installing concrete for 20 years now.  That gives us the wisdom & experience of time and we like to think that it shows in our work.  We specialize in industrial, commercial, retail and residential concrete services.  We are always looking for a challenging concrete construction project to do so, let us know if you have one by calling Ambilobe Toll Free 888-499-0899 .  We offer many concrete services including curb and gutter installation and repair, handicap concrete ramp repair and installation (to ADA code), block wall installation and repair, concrete demolition, core drilling and saw cutting, and many more.  There are just too many services to mention all of them so, take a look at our website by clicking on any of the links within this blog.  We are located in Orange County California and service the surrounding areas including parts of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.  If you have a project that requires a concrete contractor, give Bernardo Concrete a call today and we will get an estimator out to your business for a fast, free quote.

Sidewalk Repair in Lakewood, California

Sidewalk Repair

At the local Chili’s in Lakewood, California, we proceeded to pour a concrete sidewalk in the early am hours of the morning.  Our dedication to each job is reflected in our work and the quality of our business and our clients. Sidewalk repair takes a couple step before the product is finished.  First, Bernardo Concrete pours the sidewalk, then rod into a smoother finish. Once we finish pouring, we float after rodding and check the elevation using a smart level. Once this process is done, we proceed to fresno, edge and broom the concrete into a fine finish.

Our profession at Bernardo Concrete requires more than just dedication to our work, but also safety and precaution.  It’s mandatory for our men to be in uniform, wear steel toe boots at each job location, and to caution off each section of each job site for the public safety and ours, too.  Bernardo Concrete are experts when it comes down to any type of concrete removal and repair and this Concrete sidewalk Repair Project is just one example.

Sidewalk Repair Lakewood California

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