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Contact Us: 888.499.0899

Rain Rain Go Away!

The Rain is here! And this time of year for us is always a hiccup in our work. It can be very disappointing to have to postpone work until the rain stops. However, we do need the rain be we also need to keep working hard to provide exceptional service to our customers and future customers. That is why we are not going to let this rain defeat us and make this time a suitable time to help our customers and future customers plan for what’s ahead.

I’m not going to lie when I think of rainy days, I think of staying in bed, not wanting to go to work, lots of hot coffee and sleep. Which all sounds great! But others such as homeowners and property owners see otherwise. Sometimes you don’t notice the damages on your concrete or the damages that your concrete can cause until events like the rain.

That is why Bernardo Concrete is here to help you repair all your concrete needs! So let us help you plan for what is to come after the rain and we will be ready to work!

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Molokan Church in Whittier Gets Colored Concrete Slab Design

Concrete Construction Whittier (Molokan Church)

For the past four months Bernardo Concrete Inc. has been working, on and off, in Whittier, California constructing all concrete aspects of the new Molokan Church on Pioneer Boulevard.  This project consisted of the buildings concrete slab footings, concrete ADA  ramp, concrete slab parking lot, concrete walkways, and even colored and design oriented concrete walkway in front of the church.

Stamped Colored Concrete Slab

For those of you that find regular plain gray concrete to be boring, we do all forms of colored and texture designed concrete as well.  At this particular job location, we formed and stamped a terracotta colored concrete walkway at the entrance to the church.  This service is perfect for those remodeling driveways, patios, backyards etc. to achieve a nice artistic look.  As you can see from the photographs the stamp we used for this concrete slab was a rock imitating pattern.  This is a way to show a more diverse form of a simple colored concrete slab.

About Bernardo Concrete, Inc.

Bernardo Concrete has been installing concrete for over 20 years now.  That gives us the wisdom & experience of time and we like to think that it shows in our work.  We specialize in industrial, commercial, retail and residential concrete services.  We are always looking for a challenging concrete construction project to do, so let us know if you have one by calling Toll Free 888-499-0899.  We offer many concrete services including concrete demolition, concrete removal , curb & gutter installation and repair, handicap concrete ramp repair and installation (to ADA code), block wall installation and repair, concrete demolition, core drilling and saw cutting, and many more.  There are just too many services to mention all of them so, take a look at our website by clicking on any of the links within this blog or start at the services page to navigate to any one of the specific services detail pages.  We are located in Orange County California and service the surrounding areas including parts of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.  If you have a project that requires a concrete contractor, then give Bernardo Concrete a call today and we will get an estimator out to your business for a fast, free and competitive quote.

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Things You Need To Know About A Concrete Driveway

Getting a concrete driveway is a great idea and one that will increase the equity in your home whether you’’re planning on selling right away or just enjoying the new renovation. Using this material means there are a few things you should understand about concrete construction in general so you’’ll have some background when you finally decide on a contractor to handle the job for you.

Although many people only think of it as a problem associated with older homes, concrete driveways can start to sink under some circumstances. Remember that fixing a sinking concrete driveway is a long job that involves expertise in concrete construction and repair. It’’s necessary to look for the contractor that has a proven track record of tackling this kind of work. Have a good look at the firm’s website to make sure they have the experience you need.

Of course it goes without saying, you need to be sure to get a professional working with you that understands all elements of concrete construction for the concrete driveway. They’’ll need to know a lot about the sub-grade because most experts will tell you that’’s one of the most important elements. Just the right amount of dampening makes sure the chances of fissures are lessened. What’s important here is a few inches of granular fill that can include pea gravel or even crushed sand.

Thickness is another consideration in making sure your concrete driveway can handle the traffic on it. Usually the proper concrete construction allows for 3 ½ to 4 inches when only cars will be parked on the surface and the material should be 4 ½ to 5 ½ inches thick when heavier vehicles like trucks are parked on it.

Finally, you’’ll need to have a good look at the website of the place you are considering. One of the criteria you’’ll want to stay on top of before you make any final decisions about the concrete construction company you’’ll select for your concrete driveway is reputation.  Make sure to take a good look at the testimonials on the site and also at the flexibility. While you might be looking at getting the driveway done for now, there’s nothing to say you won’’t need some other project taken on down the road.