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Concrete Demolition in Buena Park, California

Buena Park Concrete Demolition Project

At Bernardo Concrete, we recently completed a concrete demolition project in Buena Park, California.  In order to perform the correct process of concrete demolition, there are a few simple steps.

  1. Timing: If we know a project is going to be done in a busy medical center, like this one, then we know that the work has to be done on the weekend.  Bernardo Concrete has the experience to understand that each job has its own personal unique timing issues.
  2. Barricade for safety: Technically, this should be number one.  Safety is Bernardo Concrete’s chief concern.  When we arrive at your project, we take all the time necessary to get the work area safely barricaded.  Bernardo Concrete understands that an area that is going to be under construction needs to be barricaded from the general public.
  3. Correctly stage the equipment: When staging job site equipment, we always consider traffic flow through the property to keep traffic moving (when possible) and the general public safe.

Starting the concrete demolition process

Once those precautions were taken, Bernardo Concrete was ready to start the concrete demolition process. The first step in that process was breaking out the existing, damaged concrete using our state of the art equipment, including Bobcat breakers. Next, we load the concrete into one of our waiting ten wheeler dump trucks. These dump trucks haul the concrete to the recycle plant, where it will be crushed and reused as rock base in another project.

After all of the concrete removal was completed, Bernardo formed and poured the new, stamped concrete, but that’s another blog.

If you have a concrete project coming up in the Orange County, California area, give Bernardo Concrete a call at 888-499-0899. Bernardo Concrete will get an estimator out to your business for a fast, free quote.


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