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Concrete Repair In Garden Grove, California.

Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle Sunnyside Elementary School needed to install new playground equipment.  The process required 2 concrete slabs measuring 120’ x 37’ each.  Bernardo Concrete Repair Company arrived on time at 8 am and started pulling lines, setting grades, pounding steaks, and setting screed pins for proper elevations.  By 9 am Bernardo Concrete Inc. was pouring concrete, had started rodding, and floating the fresh concrete until they got a level surface.  Next, we started fresnoing the concrete with a trowel to achieve a fine finish.  Finally, the process is completed by applying a light broom finish with a horse hair broom.  This allows the concrete to have a clean, non-skid surface per the customer’s request.

  • Project Value: $25,000
  • Project Time Length: 2 days
  • Equipment Used: Cement Trucks x 5, Tool trucks x 2, Bobcat x1, Miscellaneous Hand Tool.

atilt If you have a Concrete Repair project coming up feel free to call BCI with any questions you may have.


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