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Philippine Marriage Customs

Philippine marriage customs are not quite the same as the ones from most other countries. The primary major difference is that the Israel does not have a bridal party, rather it has beneficiaries. The 1st sponsors are often the bride’s family or close friends. These individuals are similar to the original best guy and bridesmaid, but their role with the wedding is unique. The second and third sponsors are a couple’s family or good friends who are like family for the bride and groom. They are each given a duty with the wedding. Another sponsor wraps around the couple and is a personal good friend of the bride and groom.

Another important tradition in the Philippines is a rice source ceremony. The couple is served rice grains for the first daytime of the wedding, symbolizing a great life collectively. The bride and groom may also be given a rice showering upon moving into their reception place or house. Rice is actually a staple plant in the Korea which is considered almost holy. In ancient times, marriages were officiated by simply priestesses presenting hands over a mound of rice. The newlyweds after that ate the rice source as their earliest meal with each other.

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The ceremony also includes the draping of the ceremonial lace veil by the new bride and groom’s godparents. The veil signifies the oneness of the couple and is also often produced from lace. One other Philippine wedding ceremony tradition is the hanging of a ceremonial cord around the couple. The cord is normally made of a silk filled duvet and was personally woven by the bride’s mother.


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