Concrete ADA Ramp, ADA Ramps, ADA Handicap Upgrades

Handicap Ramp Info
A handicap ramp is one small facet of structural requirements mandated by the federal government. Whether in asphalt or concrete, its purpose is to provide an ADA compliant path of travel from city sidewalk through out business facilities as well as crosswalks. Bernardo Inc is well versed in the codes set forth by the ADA and can help guide you to compliant parking lots and sidewalks, to insure no legality issues. We offer our ADA Upgrade and handicapped ramp design services throughout Southern California. Our service market includes Orange County, Los Angeles, as well as Riverside Counties.

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B.C.I. works with architects, engineers, and ADA specialists on a daily basis in order to stay informed of the constant changes to the ADA codes. We are familiar with basic asphalt handicapped ramp designs as well as concrete, such as curb-cut, pan, and more difficult designs like the switchback styles with poured in place walls or block walls. Not only can we handle your ADA concrete ramps, we can also handle the striping, signs, stenciling, and truncated domes related to your handicap ramp design project.

About the ADA and Ramp Design
The (ADA) was written with the intention of making sure disabled people had the same wheelchair access to a businesses, churches or any public place. If you have a handicap ramp issue or project please contact B.C.I. Here at B.C.I. we understand the complex codes and laws regarding concrete ramps and handicapped ramps. For over 20 years we have been creating solutions for property owners, managers and tenants. We understand all aspects of the ADA ramp design, wheelchair access issues and ADA construction as well as budgeting for larger projects.

ADA Lawsuits and Repairs
If you have been named in an ADA lawsuit recently, then give us a call. We will provide you with an honest evaluation of your parking lot’s needs and help you navigate through the legal requirements of your parking lot. We have the years of experience required to help you navigate through these types of handicapped ramp repair, as well as the striping, signage, and truncated domes. We have helped many property owners and managers save thousands of dollars in unnecessary handicap ramp repairs. We have been dealing with ADA related repairs long before these frivolous lawsuits started springing up. Contact us toll-free for an honest evaluation of your handicap ramp design and wheelchair access issues.
ADA Ramp Construction

B.C.I also offers ada concrete construction services. From blue print to build we can handle your concrete construction project. Once you’ve had your ada design created give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it. As a licensed concrete contractor that has been in business for over 20 years, B.C.I has performed concrete construction on properties all over Southern California. When it comes to handicapped ramps or concrete ramps B.C.I has you covered.
CASP Certified Inspections Available

B.C.I offers CASP certified inspection at very competitive rate. We work closely with a local certified access specialist that will sit down with you and help you design a scope of work that will mak sure your ADA needs are up to code. Read more about our casp inspection services.

If you have a handicapped ramp design, concrete ramp design or ADA ramp design project coming up, or maybe you have a compliance lawsuit you need to resolve, trust us to provide you with information and solutions that are right for your project. Bernardo Concretes service areas include Orange County, Riverside, as well as Los Angeles, California.