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Concrete Contractors: What Type Is Best For You! About Concrete Contractors

When it’s time to get your concrete repaired there are several things you should know before making a decision on which company to call and use on your project.  The main reason this is so important is because most contractors will take any job they can get, especially in these trying times.  Although many will get the job done, what is really happening is you are paying someone else to hire the contractor.  When it comes to concrete contractors there are mainly four different types of concrete companies that you will find.  Knowing the difference between the four is crucial in not only getting the right job done, but also getting the best price.  Here is a breakdown of the four major concrete contractor types.

Rajpur #1 The Big Guys aka Concrete Generals

The big guys are the concrete generals, these are contractors you see working on the freeways and roads.  They usually specialize in public works and larger new construction projects.  These concrete contractors may or may not be interested in smaller projects.  Often their price will typically be a more than an industrial / commercial concrete contractor.  This concrete company will do a good job for you, but you’’re probably going to pay more.  These companies are designed to be competitive on the large new concrete construction projects.  Most Southern California counties like Orange County & Los Angeles County will have at least three of these big boys around.

#2 Industrial Concrete Contractors/ Commercial Contractors

Industrial & commercial concrete contractors are pretty much the same thing.  They are the medium sized companies that are servicing the property management firms, general contractors and property owner types.  They are usually built to get large to small projects done quickly and at a more affordable cost than the bigger guys.  A typical commercial concrete contractor will be built to handle new construction projects as well as general concrete repairs.  Their focus is usually commercial in nature.  Their projects usually consist of business parks, churches, shopping centers, etc.  A good commercial concrete contractor will have a long list of professional references to supply you with so ask for a few.

#3 Residential Concrete Contractors

Residential concrete contractors are the smaller companies that are typically seen pouring the concrete in homes and gardens.  Often times a landscaping contractors will offer hardscape services to his accounts.  These services typically include sidewalks, planters, & patios. These types of concrete projects are usually smaller and done in house by their own crews.  These contractors usually do a good job, but their production is usually limited by their crew size and equipment.  Pricing on work from residential concrete contractors can be all over the place so be sure to get several bids.  In Orange County & LA there are literally hundreds of these types of contractors.  Southern California has more landscaping contractors than anywhere in the world.

#4 Specialty Concrete Contractors

A concrete contractor specialist is a company that has really narrowed down on a niche in its industry.  All of their focus has been placed in one or two areas of expertise. A few examples of niche concrete contractors or concrete specialist would be something like stamped concrete contractors, decorative concrete contractors, or concrete pool deck specialist.  These concrete contractors can be absolute artisans when it comes to their craft and their price can reflect that as well.  If you are looking to get a specialty concrete service project done, use a specialty concrete contractor.

Final Thoughts on Concrete Contractors

Most people who are looking to hire a contractor start with the yellow pages or the internet.  Often times it can be hard to tell the difference between two concrete contractors and their advertisements.  I am going to give you a hint, though. When you look at their list of services they offer, look at the order they are positioned in.  In most cases you will find that they place them in the order of importance to them. Contractors that show you pictures of residential jobs and then say they can handle a tilt up probably cannot. What they are doing instead is contracting work out to the proper contractor.  Another suggestion would be to consider asking the concrete contractors you are looking to hire for current reference (at least the last 20 days) of the exact work you’’re looking to get done.  Try to get at least 2 references and ask their customers if you can go see the work that was done. At most, it will take you around 30 minutes to see them.  Remember, that 30 minutes can save you countless hours when hiring the wrong concrete contractor on your next job.

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