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Things You Need To Know About A Concrete Driveway

Getting a concrete driveway is a great idea and one that will increase the equity in your home whether you’’re planning on selling right away or just enjoying the new renovation. Using this material means there are a few things you should understand about concrete construction in general so you’’ll have some background when you finally decide on a contractor to handle the job for you.

Although many people only think of it as a problem associated with older homes, concrete driveways can start to sink under some circumstances. Remember that fixing a sinking concrete driveway is a long job that involves expertise in concrete construction and repair. It’’s necessary to look for the contractor that has a proven track record of tackling this kind of work. Have a good look at the firm’s website to make sure they have the experience you need.

Of course it goes without saying, you need to be sure to get a professional working with you that understands all elements of concrete construction for the concrete driveway. They’’ll need to know a lot about the sub-grade because most experts will tell you that’’s one of the most important elements. Just the right amount of dampening makes sure the chances of fissures are lessened. What’s important here is a few inches of granular fill that can include pea gravel or even crushed sand.

Thickness is another consideration in making sure your concrete driveway can handle the traffic on it. Usually the proper concrete construction allows for 3 ½ to 4 inches when only cars will be parked on the surface and the material should be 4 ½ to 5 ½ inches thick when heavier vehicles like trucks are parked on it.

Finally, you’’ll need to have a good look at the website of the place you are considering. One of the criteria you’’ll want to stay on top of before you make any final decisions about the concrete construction company you’’ll select for your concrete driveway is reputation.  Make sure to take a good look at the testimonials on the site and also at the flexibility. While you might be looking at getting the driveway done for now, there’s nothing to say you won’’t need some other project taken on down the road.

How To Get A Professional Concrete Driveway Job Done

Shopping on the Internet can be daunting unless you start off from the right vantage point and that means having some criteria. That’s true for almost everything you can want or need online but when you’re dealing with a new concrete driveway, it becomes especially important to get the right people working for you. If you’ll be using concrete slabs, it’s essential everything gets done right the first time, so here’s a few things you need to look for.

Experience should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. There’s no room to have an amateur company learn how to put in a concrete driveway and make mistakes at your expense. The trick is understanding which claims of experience are reputable since all the companies on the Web that want the job of putting in concrete slabs for you will claim to have experience. One of the best places to start gathering information is the About Us section on the website.

This is where reputable companies that you want to deal with go in depth and even talk about the various clients they have worked for. Finding one of these client lists can be especially helpful since you can contact previous customers to find out what kind of job the concrete driveway company did for them. Before you start talking price with any firm you’’re going to let handle concrete slabs for you, it stands to reason you’’ll want to know how many times and how well they’ve done the job before.

You should also look at the other services they offer and pay special attention to the ones beyond the concrete driveway job you want done. Remember that innovative companies have the flexibility to deal with various kinds of work that involve concrete slabs as well as other uses for concrete. It shows they’ve been around long enough to learn their trade.

Getting the right people to come and do an important job that will increase the value of your home is something that needs to be taken seriously. The concrete driveway that is done in a professional manner will make it easier for you to come and go and increase the equity you have in your property. There are quite a few companies that work with concrete slabs in other

Concrete Driveway Remodel Sierra Madre

Over the past week B.C.I was hired by a homeowner in Sierra Madre to remodel their concrete driveway. Sierra Madre is a small city near Pasadena and is surrounded by the following cities; Glendora, West Covina, and Burbank. Bernardo Concrete has the ability to construct any Villa Bisonó concrete driveway to a customers request and for these homeowners it was simply to remodel their existing Krasnoufimsk concrete driveway and to add a little personal touch. The production for this particular project did require more work than to simply remove and replace the old concrete driveway. However, Bernardo Concrete was able to complete the job efficiently while leaving these homeowners satisfied with the work they had done.

sierra madre concrete driveway

Before the Concrete Driveway was Established

The beginning for this concrete driveway project started out with removing the existing concrete driveway. After this was done and the concrete pieces were hauled away to a dump, we had to grade or push around the dirt in order to even out the area where the new concrete driveway was going to be installed. Grading the dirt also prepares the surface for the proper thickness of the concrete. For a concrete driveway the concrete is typically 4″ thick. Once the dirt was graded we were able to establish the elevation of the concrete. Before we poured the new concrete we poured a 10″ by 16″ curb between the existing wall and the new concrete driveway in order to help support the wall.

sierra madre concrete driveway

The Concrete Driveway Finish

Now that all the basic necessities were done before the concrete driveway was established we were able to pour the new concrete driveway. We started out by placing the rebar exactly 24″ on center to support the concrete and help prevent it from cracking. After this was done we poured the new concrete. We used a 2 by 4 to form the concrete and spread it out within the perimeter.  The concrete finish for this concrete driveway project was mainly to level out the concrete using a screed. We also made sure we floated the concrete to seal all the rock pockets. After this we sealed the entire area of the concrete driveway using a tool to smooth it out. The last thing we did was broom the surface of the concrete for a more polished look and we also added rocks along the edges to give it a more personal touch for these homeowners. These homeowners were able to look at their new concrete driveway and see all the quality Bernardo Concrete had to offer them.

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