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Rain Rain Go Away! The Rain is here! And this time of year for us is always a hiccup in our work. It can be very disappointing to have to postpone work until the rain stops. However, we do need the rain be we also need to keep working hard to provide exceptional service to our customers and future customers. That is why we are not going to let this rain defeat us and make this time a suitable time to help our customers and future customers plan for what’s ahead.

I’m not going to lie when I think of rainy days, I think of staying in bed, not wanting to go to work, lots of hot coffee and sleep. Which all sounds great! But others such as homeowners and property owners see otherwise. Sometimes you don’t notice the damages on your concrete or the damages that your concrete can cause until events like the rain.

That is why buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v Bernardo Concrete is here to help you repair all your concrete needs! So let us help you plan for what is to come after the rain and we will be ready to work!

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Concrete Repair in Santa Ana California

Bernardo Concrete works in Santa Ana

Well, it’s been almost year in the planning and compiling of facts and information for the company web site, but it looks like we finally are getting things up and running.  So, may I take this opportunity to introduce the world to Bernardo Concrete, Inc.!

Concrete Repair
Concrete Repair Santa Ana

Bernardo Concrete, Inc. is a Southern California based concrete repair and new install company.  Our expertise lies in these distinct categories; site work, concrete demolition, and structural concrete.  With over 20 years in the concrete and asphalt industry, we have a strong base of experience and know how.  Bernardo concrete is a relatively small, family run company.  We have three full time crews and own and operate all of our own equipment, including dump trucks, rollers, bobcats, tool trucks, general tools, etc.

Bernardo Concrete’s  Small & Flexible Advantage

Bernardo Concrete is a small ,strong, and full scale concrete repair company.  I know that sounds kind of strange, small, strong and full scale, but that’s what makes this company so unique.  Most concrete companies are focused on one aspect of concrete, whether it is residential, industrial, site work, etc.  At Bernardo Concrete, Inc. we do most anything related to concrete.

Small for us would be defined as any project between 2-3 thousand dollars all the way to 200 thousand dollars.  Now, that might seem like a lot, but in terms of concrete it can go much higher.  The advantage that “small” gives our company is the ability to be a flexible and a fast responder.  While larger companies are tied to huge, ongoing projects, we try to limit our projects to 2-3 weeks max.  If you have a small job, it can be easily tied in to our existing schedule dates and treated as being just as important as the large jobs.  With a large concrete repair company, that is typically a luxury they can’t afford, and small jobs typically end up being treated as a nuisance.

Also, by being small we can be more flexible than our larger competitors.  Flexibility is key in this modern business landscape.  Flexibility allows us to offer more services and tie in more related project needs.  A great example of this would be our ability to not only get a new flow line poured, but also we can patch the asphalt back in around that flow line.  Larger companies might not be set up for that, but we are.  Another example would be if you needed your driveway fixed and at the last minute you want to get some brick work done, we can do that.  With larger concrete repair companies that might not be as easy, but with Bernardo Concrete it’s no problem.

Concrete Repair
Santa Ana Concrete Repair

Bernardo Concrete has over 20 years of experience in concrete repair, and with that experience we have moved to a position where we can start advertising and seeking out new quality clients.  If you have a concrete repair project in the planning stages or just need some advice or even a price on your project, please feel free to call one of our friendly estimators today.

Concrete Repair
Santa Ana, CA Concrete Repair

About Bernardo Concrete, Inc.

Bernardo Concrete has been installing concrete for 20 years now.  That gives us the wisdom & experience of time and we like to think that it shows in our work.  We specialize in industrial, commercial, retail and residential concrete services.  We are always looking for a challenging concrete construction project to do so, let us know if you have one by calling Toll Free 888-499-0899 .  We offer many concrete services including concrete demolition, curb & gutter installation and repair, handicap concrete ramp repair and installation (to ADA code), block wall installation and repair, concrete demolition, core drilling and saw cutting, and many more.  There are just too many services to mention all of them so, take a look at our website by clicking on any of the links within this blog.  We are located in Orange County California (see Santa Ana Photos) and service the surrounding areas including parts of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.  If you have a project that requires a concrete contractor, then give Bernardo Concrete a call today and we will get an estimator out to your business for a fast, free and competitive quote.

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