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ADA Upgrade – Summit Heights Gateway, Fontana

When it comes to ADA laws Bernardo Concrete has the ability to provide you with the best knowledge. We understand that it can be complicated and challenging for some of you owners/property managers to understand the ADA codes and laws. That is why Bernardo Concrete is well aware of the different requirements that need to be met in order to be approved by the ADA. We want to help you and make your life easier, so leave it to the experts to make sure the job is done right and sufficiently. Bernardo Concrete is that company!

Sunnyvale Original Original 

A quick background on these photos … Last year Bernardo Concrete was asked by a prominent property management company called CBRE to perform a complete ADA Upgrade in their shopping center. Within 2 months Bernardo Concrete completed the project. In various locations throughout the center we provided many services for CBRE such as ADA ramp & stall upgrades, remove and replaced walkways, curb & gutters, sidewalks and many more.

IMG_1008 (1) Original

IMG_1001 IMG_1035

If you ever are in need of an ADA Upgrade whether you are being sued, moving into a new place that you want to bring up to code or if you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us and request to speak to one of our experienced Salesman.


Rain Rain Go Away!

The Rain is here! And this time of year for us is always a hiccup in our work. It can be very disappointing to have to postpone work until the rain stops. However, we do need the rain be we also need to keep working hard to provide exceptional service to our customers and future customers. That is why we are not going to let this rain defeat us and make this time a suitable time to help our customers and future customers plan for what’s ahead.

I’m not going to lie when I think of rainy days, I think of staying in bed, not wanting to go to work, lots of hot coffee and sleep. Which all sounds great! But others such as homeowners and property owners see otherwise. Sometimes you don’t notice the damages on your concrete or the damages that your concrete can cause until events like the rain.

That is why Bernardo Concrete is here to help you repair all your concrete needs! So let us help you plan for what is to come after the rain and we will be ready to work!

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Sidewalk Repair in Los Angeles

Are you looking at doing a concrete sidewalk repair project in Los Angeles? If so, you should consider Bernardo Concrete for that project.  The reasons why you should choose Bernardo Concrete Repair are simple. One of the more important reasons is because we are very cautious! Bernardo Concrete knows what precautions need to be taken on a typical sidewalk repair project. Whether it’s the concrete demolition part of the project or the pouring and forming, safety is always our number one priority. Another reason is neatness!  We at Bernardo really like to focus on keeping our construction sites neat, clean, and organized.  We feel that by focusing on neatness we reduce the risk of injury and accidents while we increase the over all quality of the project. The final reason you should consider Bernardo Concrete is quality!

Concrete Sidewalk Repair
Concrete Sidewalk Repair

We only do quality work and our sidewalk repair and demolition projects are no exception to that.  For over 20 years Bernardo has been working with concrete and asphalt and has much experience that give us that edge over our competitors.  Most of our work comes from referrals and the main reason for that is due to the quality of our operation. If you need a proposal or some questions answered in regards to your sidewalk repair project, feel free to give us a call today. We would love to hear from you today!

About Bernardo Concrete, Inc.

Bernardo Concrete has been installing concrete for over 20 years now.  That gives us the wisdom & experience of time and we like to think that it shows in our work.  We specialize in industrial, commercial, retail and residential concrete services.  We are always looking for a challenging concrete construction project to do, so let us know if you have one by calling Toll Free 888-499-0899.  We offer many concrete services including concrete demolition, curb & gutter installation and repair, handicap concrete ramp repair and installation (to ADA code), block wall installation and repair, concrete demolition, core drilling and saw cutting, and many more.  There are just too many services to mention all of them so, take a look at our website by clicking on any of the links within this blog.  We are located in Orange County California and service the surrounding areas including parts of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.  If you have a project that requires a concrete contractor, then give Bernardo Concrete a call today and we will get an estimator out to your business for a fast, free and competitive quote.

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